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Drake now has the most Billboard Hot 100 Hits of all time


Drake now has the most Billboard Hot 100 Hits of all time

Drake has officially become the artist with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits in history.

His new collaboration with Lil Yachty and DaBaby, “Oprah’s Bank Account,” debuted at No. 89 on the chart today, officially pushing Drake one past the cast of Glee (really?) with a total of 208. Glee ended in 2015, so it’s unlikely the show’s cast reclaims their spot anytime soon.

Drake has come a long way since his securing his first Hot 100 single back on May 23, 2009, when “Best I Ever Had” debuted at No. 92.

It’s truly one of the more impressive accomplishment in his vast list of accomplishments, and will be a hard feat for another artist to top. As of right now, Drake’s mentor and friend Lil Wayne has 168 and sits in the No. 3 spot ahead of Elvis (109) and Nicki Minaj (108), to round out the Top 5.

Drake also holds the distinction of being the artist with the most consecutive weeks on the Hot 100 with an impressive 421. Over 100 more than Lil Wayne who sits in the No. 2 spot, and over 200 more than Rihanna at No. 3. Fellow Canadian hit maker holds the No. 10 spot on that list with 150.

With a new video dropping recently, anticipation is steadily building for a next album. The “When To Say When / Chicago Freestyle” split video directed by Theo Skudra has been viewed over 18.8 times to date.

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