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Drake smashed a Billboard record held by The Beatles since 1964

Drake tops list of RIAA’s highest certified male artists

Since his career took off in 2009, Drake has been no stranger to breaking records, and has been nominated for over 450 prestigious music awards (with just under 100 awards won at the time of writing this).

But this week he’s smashed an especially historic record, held by one of the most popular and successful acts from the past century. After holding the record of five simultaneous singles on the Billboard Top 10 since way back in 1964, The Beatles have been bested by the boy from Toronto.

That’s right… a record held since 1964 that no one expected anyone to break. But Drake’s new album Scorpion has produced seven simultaneous singles on the Billboard Top 10 including No. 1 “Nice for What,” No. 2 “Nonstop”, No. 4 “God’s Plan,” No. 6 “In My Feelings,” No. 7 “I’m Upset,” No. 8 “Emotionless,” and “Don’t Matter to Me” (featuring Michael Jackson) at No. 9.

As if topping The Beatles’ almost six decade long record wasn’t enough, Drake has officially surpassed Michael Jackson as the solo male artist with the most all time Billboard Top 10s. Drake now has 31, and Jackson has a total of 30 (with the 30th being his posthumous appearance on Drake’s album).

So that’s a couple of new impressive accolades relating to the Billboard Top 10, but Drake also broke his own record for charting in the Billboard Hot 100. He’s currently got 27 tracks on the chart, including all 25 songs from the Scorpion double album. People expected the album to do well – it went platinum the same day it was released – but this is exceptional.

The other two songs include Lil Baby’s Drake-assisted single “Yes Indeded,” and BlocBoy JB’s “Look Alive” banger.

These accomplishments come just after Repblic Records announced that Drake had shattered existing streaming records. Scorpion is the first album to surpass one billion streams within its first week of release.

On top of everything else, Billboard announced earlier today that Scorpion is “projected to hold down the #1 spot for a second week in a row.”

Once again, a new Drake album has spawned a change in music history, as well as new trends. The latest being the dance challenge inspired by one of the album’s songs which is using the hashtag #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Drake fans are eating it up and a large list of celebrities have also taken part in the fun.

Overall, despite what people think of the Pusha T situation and the lack of response to “The Story of Adidon,” it’s clear Drake hasn’t been phased. He’s recaptured the narrative and reestablished himself as the top dog in the rap game.

Scorpion is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms. Hard copies are expected to hit retail stores this Friday.

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