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Drake’s Would You Like Tour? hits Vancouver

Drake in Vancouver for Would You Like A Tour (Photo: Jamie Sands/HipHopCanada)

Canada’s hip-hop poster boy and OVO / YMCMB’s self-proclaimed leader of the new school, Drake, made his stop at Vancouver’s Roger’s Arena on his Would You Like A Tour?

The sold-out stadium of pretty young things and wannabe bad-boys were more than ecstatic to see young Drizzy come thru Vancity for the evening.

Drake kicked things off with a little flattery, “Today was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. I saw Vancouver, Canada was my next stop and I knew I got to use that Canadian passport. It’s good to be home” he said before jumping into “Tuscan Leather.” No flattery necessary. The ladies were bras off by the time he dropped “Connect” and with a slight discouraged look at the dingy piece, Drizzy flashed that classic smirk, threw it back and kept on moving.

He shot off crowd favorites like “No New Friends,” “Versace” and “No Lie” in one steady machine gun stream; as he showered the crowd with bangers he also brought out Future for a lack-luster version of obvious cut “Same Damn Time.” Although the hype was real, the major focus was put onto only Drake and some mere fireworks; if not for the constant stream of popular radio hits, Drake would never stand a chance being up there with just his voice and mediocre dance moves to suffice. However, tracks like “The Motion” proved that he’s more than and just emcee and his vocals are on point especially during live performances.

Most would agree the it was Aub’s rippling biceps that stole the show but when the evening mellowed out and a barefoot Jhené Aiko was brought out for “In Time” it was worthy of goose bumps. Drizzy stepped off stage leaving his DJ to run through a montage of Drake classics before he hopped back on stage for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and pulled a comparably under-dressed fan onstage to croon his way to her heart with a song, a kiss and a whole stadium of on-lookers thinking “that shoulda been me.”

“The Motto” and “Started From The Bottom” eventually closed off the evening. Encore? Why? Drake’s whole performance was one big encore – from “They Know” all the way to “Fuckin’ Problem.”

All the right elements were there. Fireworks. Check. Surprise appearance from an up-and-comer. Check. Drizzy crooning in a tank top and driving women crazy. Check. But overall the whole show seemed a little too safe. Was it because of Drake’s respect for the younger fans in the crowd or just his softer R&B side being showcased? Maybe both. Next time around it would be nice to see the harder side of Drake with more edge, creativity and typical rap antics. One hand on his crotch and a middle finger to the sky. Here’s hoping.

Written by KassKills for HipHopCanada
Photography by Jamie Sands for HipHopCanada

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