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Introducing Toronto’s d$ aka DizzleStacks & the latest single “S&W”

Introducing Toronto artist d$ aka DizzleStacks representing Jane and Finch
Artwork for "S&W" single

Our boy DJ Andre 905 recently put us on to up-and-coming Jane and Finch rapper, d$ aka DizzleStacks.

d$ has worked with a gang of dope producers over the past 6 months and has been releasing new music every few weeks.

“Born and raised in Toronto, d$ aka DizzleStacks is a growing phenomenon with his catchy melodics and smooth flow.”

The latest single is “S&W” which was released at the end of March and features production by MusikDae.

The post also contains “Let You Go,” produced by JTK, “HoodVibes,” produced by TntxD and Bans, “Again,” produced by Mega Beats, and “Run It Up,” produced by Two4flex and Vadebeatz.

You can follow @DizzleStacksMusic on Instagram.

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