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Eddy Jones and B1 The Architect release new visual for Save The People featuring Zaze and Philly Regs
Scene from the "Save The People" video


Eddy Jones & B1 The Architect release new visual for “Save The People” featuring Zaze & Philly Regs

East GTA rappers Eddy Jones and B1 The Architect have recently teamed up for the THE FREEDOM EP.

The FREEDOM EP campaign kicked off with the release of the project’s catchy Smokewell-produced single, “Save the People,” which features dope contributions from Zaze and Philly Regs.

B1 the Architect

B1 the Architect

The accompanying video was fully produced by True Aspect Media who has already directed videos for Zaze this year and also for other artists such as The 420 Klick.

We’ve seen Eddy Jones and Zaze work together in the past, and Jones has also been known to back Zaze up while on stage during live events from time-to-time. B1 the Architect and Philly Regs are no strangers to each other either, as they’re both current members of the rap group the Lunch Room Poetz. All four emcees have high degree of familiarity with each other as all of them are known to frequent the East GTA for recording music and live events. Lucky for us, the four decided to team up on the debut single to see what kind of political street banger they could come up with… the result being “Save The People”.

Save The People

Scene from the “Save The People” video

We reached out to Eddy Jones for comment on this new song and he focused on the song’s inspiration:

“It all started with a conversation B1 and I had about George Floyd and the protests,” Jones explained.

“We were working on out EP when we got the beat from Smokewell and it just felt like the right thing to do was to speak about it and let it know how we felt. We were working on other songs as the time but we had to put everything on hold because it didn’t feel right to talk about anything but what was going on in the news. It was a certain vibe after George Floyd video came out and we just wanted to capture that moment and how we felt.”



The music video for “Save The People” is a perfect visual aid to the song, opening up with an old TV showing some stock footage of the riots that have been taking place across America this year. It really helps set the tone for the hard-hitting lyrical protest bars that follow. The beginning also offers a shot of the group walking down an alleyway while a conveniently placed police cruiser drives behind the group. The colour fades to a dull black and white color grade, which really makes it standout. The video also contains a nice blend of 4K colour footage along with some black and white. Each artist spits in front of a unique location, with Eddy Jones rapping in front of a local Mexican food restaurant owned by his family.

Eddy Jones

Eddy Jones

With guest artist Zaze being the co-founder of True Aspect Media, it was only right they took on the video production responsibilities on this one and we look forward to seeing more videos from them in 2021.

The Freedom EP will be out on December 5th, 2020. You can find “Save the People” on various digital streaming platforms including Spotify. You can also find the song on our official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

Check it out below.

Artwork for Save The People by Eddy Jones and B1 the Architect

You can follow @iamEddyJones, @B1TheArchitect, @Philly.Regs, @ZazeMusic, and @TrueAspectMedia on Instagram.

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