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Eminem name drops KOTD on new Royce da 5’9″ single “Caterpillar”

Boi-1da & Frank Dukes featured on Royce album, Book of Ryan

With his new album Book of Ryan set to drop tomorrow, May 4, Royce da 5’9″ has released the video for the project’s Epikh Pro and S1-produced fourth single, “Caterpillar,” which features Eminem and Chicago rapper King Green.

“Spit like it’s King of the Dot.” – Eminem

The song and supporting video are incredibly dope – the type of heat you expect and hope both artists bring to the table – but that’s not why we’re showcasing it here. Instead, we’re featuring “Caterpillar” for the sheer fact that it references our family over at King of the Dot.

That’s right. Eminem rips a ferocious third verse on the song and name drops the Toronto-based battle league with the line, “Spit like it’s King of the Dot.”

That’s a huge deal!

KOTD founder Organik posted a message about the plug on Instagram earlier today:

“Ayyyyy! Salute the GOAT @Eminem for shouting out KOTDTV on the new @RoyceDa59 track ‘Caterpillar.’ Humbled. Em was always my biggest inspiration. Shouts to Royce for the classic album on the way!”

And KOTD host and promoter Bishop Brigante (and long time friend of Royce’s) also dropped a comment about it:

“Not only is the (goat emoji) @RoyceDa59 dropping his insane album #BookOfRyan but the other (goat emoji) @Eminem shouted out my team/company @KOTDTV (praying hands emoji) too blessed to be stressed.”

Congrats to KOTD for the continuous growth and international recognition!

You can watch the James Larese-directed “Caterpillar” video below.

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