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Song of the Day: ErnieWoodLo impresses with “Lil Big Homie” & Product EP

ErnieWoodLo impresses with Lil Big Homie off the Product EP

Back in February, Get A Bag Entertainment released the criminally-under-viewed “Lil Big Homie” video by up-and-coming West Coast talent ErnieWoodLo.

Dark and reflective, EWL uses “Lil Big Homie” to touch on his growth as a person, and how new responsibilities might have changed his view of things. He battles through relationship disputes and the burden of the streets, while trying to play the role of “big homie.” The child role – played by Trae James – is intended to reflect a younger version of EWL, visualizing both perspectives of the song.

“No mama, no daddy / a bunch of random people that’s calling you family / I didn’t know love, so – my love got abandoned / Some was real, but the rest couldn’t understand me”

The single served as a preview to his new Product EP, which is a short but strong body of work that has us suddenly checking for all things ErnieWoodLo. “I Know I’ll Make It” is another standout off the EP that hopefully gets some video love as well.

It seems like there are a ton of new projects in the works over at Vancouver-based Get a Bag Ent. so expect to see some more releases soon.

ErnieWoodLo impresses with Lil Big Homie off the Product EP

If you’re looking for more EWL visuals right now, check out the Forbez Films-directed “D.H.M.B.G” which came out in February (also in this post). That track is actually the title-track to Ernie’s previous EP, available on Apple Music.

ErnieWoodLo was born in San Diego, and spent part of his childhood living in Dallas and Vancouver before ultimately landing in Surrey, BC in his teenage years. He was on his own by the age of 15 and has gone through more than a fair share of life’s trials and tribulations along the way. Knowing all that just makes “Lil Big Homie” hit even harder. His name is the amalgamation of the name’s of the two people he’s lost. Ernest Azoadam (aka Ernie), who passed away on a party bus in Surrey in 2013 at just 16-years-old, and Saman Shahidi (aka Hollywoodlo). He pays tribute to them at the end of the video.

“Lil Big Homie,” directed and edited by KB Kutz, is HipHopCanada’s Song of The Day. Take it in below along with the EP.

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