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EverythingOShauN & his brother Xpress aka DJXP release new album
EverythingOShauN & Xpress aka DJXP (Photo: ALIENYEUX)

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EverythingOShauN & his brother Xpress aka DJXP release new album Maybe It’s Nothing, Maybe It’s Everything

Toronto-based EverythingOShauN and his younger brother Xpress aka DJXP recently dropped off their latest project, Maybe It’s Nothing, Maybe It’s Everything.

The 9-track release, featuring a guest appearance by BLK LT$, is available now on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and TIDAL.

A couple of days ago, EverythingOShauN released a one-take performance of his song “LOAD MGMT” for Canadian brand Roots.

You can check that out below, along with the new album and an accompanying press release.

Toronto’s EverythingOShauN (and sidekick producer Xpress aka DJXP) presents to us their long-awaited project (his last one – Everything Over Everything Else – being two years ago now): Maybe It’s Nothing, Maybe It’s Everything.

The buffet begins with the dark and slow trip that is “Equestrian,” a rather emotional track about someone who no longer rides for you. It’s an apt introduction, starting with what we are used to from the ever-melodic EverythingOShauN. Is this what the title is about? A relationship?

But like they usually are, the GSX duo is full of innovative surprises. We quickly switch gears on the next track, where we go upbeat and positive, praising the Queens (co-produced by 5PiECE and SLWJMZ). EverythingOShauN is not bitter, he’s moving on, and continues driving us through the tour of his versatility.


EverythingOShauN (Photo: ALIENYEUX)

LOAD MGMT becomes a fascinating folk-trap situation. What beat can EverythingOShauN not ride? What diversity can Xpress aka DJXP not delve in? We get some more classic hip-hop instrumentation on Worldwide (fans of his previous hit, Broke$, would love this), and then its more modern counterpart on Come and See. The album version is a redux which further showcases Xpress aka DJXP’s musical genius, welcoming us into something entirely new in both their catalogues:

A tropical roller-coaster on Sweet into a full-blown Afro-beat paradise on Odinma (the latter includes production credit from 5PiECE). The two brothers, who are of both Jamaican and Nigerian heritage, finally give us a full-blown cultural experience after only really teasing it on Poet four years ago.


EverythingOShauN (Photo: ALIENYEUX)

The project comes full circle when we slow back down to the reflective, melodic, down-tempo tracks we’ve come to love EverythingOShauN for. But they still manage to keep things dynamic, with a feature from BLK LT$ and a very interesting 80s breakdown at the very end, featuring the elusive vocals of Xpress aka DJXP himself.

So, Maybe It’s Nothing, Maybe It’s Everything. Maybe it’s relationships, maybe it’s career, maybe it’s the struggle. Maybe it’s life. Maybe it’s Everything.

Artwork for Maybe Its Nothing, Maybe Its Everything

Artwork for Maybe Its Nothing, Maybe Its Everything

You can follow @EverythingOShauN and @XpressakaDJXP on Instagram.

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