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The FADER launches FADER Explains podcast

The FADER launches FADER Explains podcast
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Today, The FADER launches its first weekly music podcast called FADER Explains featuring a deep and fun look at some of their favorite subjects, available to stream on Apple Podcast and SoundCloud.

You can listen to FADER Explains premiere episode on ‘Song of the Summer’ here.

“In Season 1, we’re talkin’ song of the summer.”

Hosted by FADER’s news editor Myles Tanzer and social media editor Olivia Craighead, the first season of FADER Explains will dive into the annual race for Song of the Summer, talking to artists and industry tastemakers about everything from streaming to radio play, Cardi B, Drake, and much more.

Today’s premiere episode of FADER Explains lays out the biggest contenders for this year’s song of the summer, and features an interview with producers Cool & Dre about making Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s “SALUD!”

The FADER launches FADER Explains podcast

You can find the official episode link on The FADER.

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