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HipHopCanada: Favourites from 2018 Playlist (New Year’s Edition)

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we wanted to wrap up 2018 by compiling a playlist of some of our favourite Canadian hip-hop tunes (or featuring a Canadian hip-hop element) that dropped in 2018.

There was no shortage of amazing releases this year from our artists, coast-to-coast, and demand for Canadian producers is arguably at an all-time high. Good news all around, and hopefully a sign of an even bigger year to come in 2019.

It would be a blessing to see even more Canadian artists and musicians making sustainable careers out of music, more producers getting paid for their work, more DJs getting hired for tracks, shows and tours, and so forth. Since Drake’s emergence as a world-class superstar in 2009, the Canadian scene’s exposure has continued to grow internationally, and interest from heads overseas certainly isn’t going to waver from what the scene had to offer in 2018.

HipHopCanada: Favourites from 2018 playlist

Brevner (Photo: Brandon Artis)

This HipHopCanada: Favourites from 2018 Playlist (New Year’s Edition) will also mark the debut of the official HipHopCanada Spotify playlist, launching January 2019. If you’re interested in submitting your music, please fill out our Content Submission Form.

For now, you can stream the HipHopCanada: Favourites from 2018 Playlist below via Spotify.

Enjoy the playlist, stay safe, and watch out for your loved ones tonight.

Note: The list is presented in no particular order – other than an attempt to make things flow cohesively – was not based on who had the most views or anything like that. Just a lot of the tracks we found ourselves listening to the most.

Happy New Year!

HipHopCanada: Favourites from 2018 Playlist

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