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Flipp Dinero brings Brooklyn’s essence to Toronto

Flipp Dinero brings Brooklyn essence to Toronto

Every now and then we’re fortunate enough to watch an artist come into their own super stardom.

That was the case for Flipp Dinero this past Thursday night in Toronto, during his opening performance at Rebel for Tory Lanez’s Memories Don’t Die tour.

From the reaction Flipp received from the Toronto crowd, you would think the 21-year-old Brooklyn native was from the 6ix himself. With an explosive performance, Flipp Dinero not only connected musically and personally with the hyped-up Toronto crowd, but also brought Brooklyn’s essence with him on stage.

Performing songs like “Leave Me Alone” and “Running Up Bands,” Flipp never lost any momentum throughout his entire set, with the crowd upbeat and engaged by his performance to the very end.

Flipp Dinero brings Brooklyn essence to Toronto

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