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Fortunato’s MDCXVII album is out Nov. 9; pre-order now

Fortunato to release MDCXVII album on Nov. 9; pre-order now
Fortunato will release MDCXVII on Nov. 9

Toronto-based rapper Fortunato has announce pre-order availability on his new studio album, MDCXVII. The new project is coming out on URBNET on Friday, Nov. 9, with available CD and vinyl hard copies shipping via Bandcamp on Nov. 8th.

After you pre-order the MDCXVII album, you’ll receive the unreleased Arkeologists-produced bonus track, “Bom Bom.”

MDCXVII is the Roman numeral equivalent of 1617, the address where Fortunato was born in Toronto’s West End. It’s a deeply personal album that focuses on Fortunato’s depth of experience in the hip-hop game, and specifically how it has affected his life.

Inspired by his travels to Western Canada during his coast-to-coast tour, MDCXVII showcases beats, guest appearances, and engineering from solely West Coast artists, including Kryple of the Edmonton based group Doom Squad, Mugg Shot and Madchild.

“I met so many talented artists out there that I decided to work with them exclusively on this project,” he says.

The album is primarily produced by Scopic, whose repertoire includes the hard-hitting record Against All Authorities from Onyx, was mixed and mastered by the engineering guru Nato, and features cover art by the multi-disciplinary artist, Mad Dog Jones.

Head to Bandcamp now to pre-order MDCXVII.

Fortunato to drop MDCXVII on Nov. 9; pre-order now via URBNET

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