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Fortunato gears up for the release of his new album MDXVII

Fortunato gears up for release of MDXVII album

Veteran recording artist Fortunato has had a busy start to the year.

Along with being nominated for Hip-Hop/Rap Recording of the Year at the 2018 East Coast Music Awards (2 Bad Dudes with DJ IV), the Toronto-based artist is currently gearing up for the release of a new album.

MDXVII is coming out on Urbnet Records late April/early May, with mixing and mastering being handled 100% by Edmonton hip-hop pioneer, Nato.

Fortunato brought a limited but dope selection of guest appearances including Madchild, Muggshot, and one of the project’s producers, Kryple of Doom Squad. The other producer bringing Fortunato the sound he was looking for was SCOPIC, who handled production on ONYX’s Against All Authorities project.

In terms of video support, so far Fortunato has released 2 videos from the album including “What I Got To Say,” directed by Koel Anderson, and “Dead In The Streets,” directed by Joe Cash. You can check those out below.

Look out for the new Koel Anderson-directed video for “Magnificent” (featuring Kryple) and “Prove Them Wrong,” directed by Devon Murrins. Both will be dropping soon.

We’ll have the track listing and artwork once they become available. Artwork is being handled by Mad Dog Jones (which is an alias for Coleman Hell producer, DJ Dustbuster).

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