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Ottawa’s Frank Blak wins the #SoCapCityChallenge presented by CapCityHipHop

Frank Blak wins the #SoCapCityChallenge presented by CapCityHipHop

Last week, CapCityHipHop teamed up with Ottawa producer Robby Bronson to present the #SoCapCityChallange. In total, 46 Ottawa rappers (3 female artists and 43 male artists) took part in the challenge, but only one could take home the win.

CapCityHipHop has announced that the winner is Ottawa’s own Frank Blak for “breaking down why he’s So Cap City.” For winning the #SoCapCityChallenge, Frank received $200 and exclusive rights to the beat produced by Robby Bronson which was used in the contest.

The winner was selected by a committee of judges made up of members from CapCityHipHop, HipHopCanada and Bronson. Judges submitted three choices with the main criteria being Ottawa related content, flow and delivery. The three main finalists were Frank Blak, Capé and Arty Warhol.

You can watch all three submissions below:

Winner: Frank Blak

Second Place: Arty Warhol

Third Place: Capé

Along with announcing the winner, CapCityHipHop issued the following statement:

“We’d like to shout out all the Ottawa rappers/artists who submitted their videos for the challenge. Thank you for engaging with your city and showcasing your talent! You can view the rest of the entries on the CapCityHipHop Facebook page. CapCityHipHop recently released a new t-shirt design in support of challenge, you can pre-order the newly designed I’m So Cap City tee by emailing [email protected] and following @CapCityHipHop on Instagram. The official @CapCityStore Instagram account is coming soon. Look out for more challenges to come from @CapCityHipHop. Shout out HipHopCanada for always supporting Canadian hip-hop!”

Frank Blak wins the #SoCapCityChallenge presented by CapCityHipHop

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