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Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, French Montana, Fivio Foreign and 50 Cent
Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, French Montana, Fivio Foreign & 50 Cent

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French Montana vs. the World: Young Thug, Fivio Foreign, 50 Cent & more

The COVID-19 Quarantine Era beef continues. Seems like almost everyone is getting into it with someone, one way or another. People obviously have a lot more time to kill than usual these days so you might say it was inevitable.

From rappers to producers, some of the biggest names in hip-hop have been having it out with their peers over Instagram Live, Twitter, and other outlets.

A couple of weeks ago, we summarized the drama surrounding Chicago producer Young Chop and the laundry list of people he was beefing with. Now the beef magnet seems to have shifted to New York rapper French Montana, who also has no shortage of people throwing shade in his direction.

You can find a breakdown of French’s current situations below, as well as an update on Young Chop’s current legal ordeal.

French Montana

French Montana and a tweet made April 26

French Montana vs. Young Thug

While seemingly moving on from the Young Chop issue we posted about a couple of weeks ago, French Montana recently drew the ire of another huge name when he chose to state that he had more hits than Kendrick Lamar.


But it wasn’t Kendrick that took issue with French’s claim of being able to go neck-to-neck with him, but instead Young Thug took offense on Kendrick’s behalf and came out swinging.

Young Thug

Young Thug

“Stupid ass ni**a say he got more hits than Kendrick Lamar.”

But French Montana’s reason for his Kendrick statement kind of makes sense. He’s since expressed love for the m.A.A.d city rapper but doubled down on his point by stating he would expect any self-respecting artist to to the same stance as him when it comes to believing in themselves and their craft.

“I love kendrick! that’s not just for kendrick that’s to anybody they put in front of me, and ask me that same question 💨 what u want me to say lol ? It should be your attitude too. If u think any less of yourself don’t blame it on the next person who don’t ! 😤 set it up”

Young Thug

Young Thug, Chris Eubank Jr, & Kendrick Lamar

You might be wondering why French was tweeting about Kendrick to begin with, but as is often the case these days, the issue started with something said by French on IG Live. He made it clear he felt he could hold his own against anyone, and for whatever reason Kendrick was the artist he chose to compare himself too. To be fair, he was as respectful as he could be considering what was being said, but it obviously rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Since then, French has gone on The Breakfast Club to claim the issue with Young Thug started over a simple misunderstanding at a video shoot involving Thugger’s fiancé. He also went on Instagram Live with Fat Joe’s Joprah Show to state that he had no beef with Young Thug: “I ain’t got no beef with him. It wasn’t no real beef. It was a miscommunication about something.”

Predictably, this whole Kendrick controversy started on the same day as the release of French’s new single, “That’s A Fact,” produced by JB Made It. What a coincidence.

Which leads to the latest person not feeling the way French is moving. This one hitting closer to home.

French Montana vs. Fivio Foreign

Fellow New York rapper Fivio Foreign called out French yesterday for using the drill sound and lingo but not really “putting on” for drill artists when presented with the opportunity.

He was upset after seeing his friend Swipey featured in French’s new video as a “back up dancer,” busting a signature spin move. This is Swipey of Brooklyn, not to be confused with 18-year-old Swipey from D.C. who was killed a few years ago.

“N****s like Meek, Drake—n****s like that. Them n****s putting on. Them n****s is doing songs with n****s. Them n****s is sharing n****s’ posts. I see n****s trying to be down trying to do what n****s do. Cool, I’m not mad. Do what n****s do. But at the end of the day, put on for n****s.”

To be clear, he’s not saying you can’t be on a drill record if you’re not about that life; he shows love to Drake and Meek Mill. But he’s saying if you’re a rap star in a position to help people push their careers forward, then you should do more than just feature them dancing in a video if you’re using their sauce to cook. A few sources claim Swipey and French have indeed collaborated but so far we haven’t heard anything.

A video has been released (which is bit hard to hear) that appears to suggest that Swipey is saying he appreciates Fivio checking in on him, but was less appreciative of his approach. He also makes a point of saying that no one busts the spin move quite like he does. You can see both related videos below.

French Montana vs. 50 Cent

We can’t bring you a summary of French Montana beefs without mentioning the Coke Boy’s ongoing feud with the king of controversy himself, 50 Cent.

Their latest beef started earlier this year when 50 took a jab at French’s Bugatti, which he claimed was “old.” They exchanged insults on social media and almost seemed like it was going to get out of control when French leaked a snippet of the mid-season Season 6 premiere of 50’s show Power.

In a recent Skype video convo with Complex, French provided a positive status update of the situation.

Young Thug

Bugatti Veyron

“50 Cent gonna be on the next Cocaine City Live. It’s happening in about a week or two. This the first time the world knows. He gonna be on Cocaine City Live and I know he gonna watch this. French Montana, 50 Cent face-to-face. We gonna talk. Talk about, you know, what the people wanna see. Break the internet again. I feel like with me and 50, was like when you go watch a fucking wrestling match, or a boxing match, it’s competition. He said what he said, I said what I said. Look, man nobody got killed. Nobody got shot. It’s not real beef.”

Some people might remember that they also go into a Vodka related dispute in 2015. With 50 representing Effen Vodka and French supporting his former boss Diddy’s vodka company, Ciroc, some bad blood was created when French was seen on camera insulting Effen and eventually tossing a bottle into the garbage. 50 responded with a clip of French stating he loved the brand.

There’s even tweets from 50 dissing French that go back further than that, so hopefully they can start building after the Cocaine City Live appearance.

50 Cent and a tweet he made in 2012

Young Chop vs. the World

French was also exchanging insults with Young Chop recently but that situation has died down for now. Especially with Chop’s new legal issues.

As one of hip-hop’s leading shit disturbers during quarantine, Young Chop kicked off a huge wave of controversy online by getting into with it with pretty much everyone, French included. It was a few weeks of high traffic generating controversy that “just happened” to come right before the release of his new album. Wow, another big coincidence.

After Chop came at French on IG Live for being less than authentic, French responded by suggesting Chop was suffering from some mental health issues:

“It’s sad to see this fake ass shit! Young shop need to be in a mental institution. Is only a matter of time till somebody take his life. Than all u going see is #rip… and a bunch of fake shit! If somebody care about that man go grab him and take him somewhere…”

Meek Mill, another target of Chop, had made similar comments and chose to focus on questioning Chop’s mental state.

French Montana vs. the World

Drake, French Montana, Young Chop, 21 Savage and Meek Mill

Young Chop released the diss song “You Know What We Do” on April 10, directing it at 21 Savage, Meek Mill, Drake and French Montana. They were all tagged on his first Instagram post promoting the song, except for French who had already blocked him by that point. The song is the lead song on Chop’s new 11-track project, Chop Is King, which you can check out below.

Since then, after being arrested back on April 7 in Georgia’s Gwinnett County for reckless conduct, Chop has been charged again for violating the terms of his probation. The probation violation stems from a third arrest—this one from February 26—when he was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals after allegedly starving his dog. According to the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s website, Chop—born Tyree Lamar Pittman—was booked on April 16, 2020 at 3:31 p.m. with no bond.

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