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Genius: Pink Sweat$ At My Worst Official Lyrics and Meaning
Pink Sweat$ on Verified at Home

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Genius: Pink Sweat$ “At My Worst” Official Lyrics & Meaning

Genius has released their latest Verified at Home song breakdown, this time featuring Philadelphia-born artist Pink Sweat$ and his catchy new single, “At My Worst.”

“Pink Sweat$’s ‘At My Worst’ is one of his latest hits, and it’s already racked up more than 34 million Spotify plays to date. The song, which is produced by John Hill and Pink Sweat$, appears on his 2020 EP, The Prelude. On the track, the Philly native sings about finding a partner who will stick with him despite his flaws.”

Check out the latest episode of Verified below.

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