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Gorgy Swoah & big ZEE put their crosshairs on new wave of clout chasing rappers with “300 hrs”

After a productive 2019 that saw the release of his Pretty Ugly EP and his Gorgy Swoah-assisted “No Extras” single, Ottawa’s big ZEE is back with a new record to kick off 2020.

Once again teaming up with Ottawa’s Gorgy Swoah, who was also featured on the Pretty Ugly EP (“Pure“), ZEE presents his new DB the Plug-produced single “300 hrs.”

We caught up with ZEE to ask him about the new release and the meaning behind it:

“The theme for ‘300 hrs’ was basically a concept that spun off of one of the lyrics during Swoah’s opening verses,” explained ZEE.

“It speaks to the over saturation of the music industry and how so many fly by night rappers have popped up in the music scene almost daily, many of which lack the fundamental skills or time put into their craft and only make music for the image or clout associated with it. The net result is a whole lot of white noise for music audiences to sift through in order to get to some decent content.”

In order to propel the creation of “300 hrs,” ZEE completed the artwork before it was even recorded it and posted it on Instagram to essentially set a deadline. The post would give the pair 300 hours (or 12 and a half days) to complete the unfinished record and release it.

Added ZEE: “It felt like trying to finish a school project on time and how the self induced pressure forced us to focus and execute.”

“300 hrs” is available now on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

You can follow @GorgySwoah and @ZeelonMusk on Instagram.

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