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Back 4 Blood: Ridgeway’s own Gudini returns with a new EP you won’t want to miss

Back 4 Blood: Ridgeway's own Gudini returns with a new EP you won't want to miss

Gudini is Back 4 Blood!

Gudini (who has also gone by the name Davinci) of the R-Way camp returns with a new hard-hitting EP you won’t want to miss. Back 4 Blood is powered by newcomers SLWJMZ and 5piece, as well as Mississauga producer, Hurricane Jamal. The feature-less project does a great job showcasing Gudini’s talent and versatility, and shows how far he’s come since we started covering him back in 2010. Check out “Tornados” for an idea of what to expect.

You can stream Back 4 Blood below via SoundCloud, but the EP is also available now on Spotify, iTunes and other major digital outlets.

Back 4 Blood: Ridgeway's own Gudini returns with a new EP you won't want to miss

About Gudini / Back 4 Blood

Most people can take a few words, put them together and make a song easily . The way Carey “Gudini” Hemmings jotes his words down is clearly different from the rest.. At the age of 14 Gudini started writing and rapping feverishly, when he was holding down the five-man collective the Rotten Onez. Independently, they built a huge buzz across the city of Toronto and home town of Mississauga by establishing a serious presence on radios shows like University of Toronto’s popular Project Bounce program on 89.5 FM, with material from their block-burning mixtape “Screwface Capital”. The group then took a temporary hiatus, yet still occasionally reunites like the Wu-Tang Clan for special occasions and performances. Soon after the mixtape dropped, Gudini took his own path and made sure he was featured on as many projects as he can including the “my city mixtape” compilation and “no business like snow business” mixtape by Novakane wich was well recieved in the united states. it includes songs from Gudini along side Dre Goddy and Danza on molotic base thumping Rich Kidd beats.

Still Gudini wasnt satisfied with the buzz he created , He then took it to the next level and stepped it up to live shows and performances. Possessing the confidence needed to stand out amongst the pack, he was always the person you would ask about after performing. He continued to reach higher by being invited to do more shows including suba lounge and other venues on the down town scene. enlightened by the overwhelming crowd response .Gudini started slowly but surely, building his feature catalouge doing songs with well known artists like JD Era Jonny Roxx T anna Cole and Bobby Bucks, and over time, creaeted an even bigger buzz than he expected.

Gudinis fierce and raw rapping skills always keep u at the edge of your seat. with many punch lines that could make u laugh and make u dance. The rapper is also known for making deep songs that make you think and also that the everday average joe can relate to. Songs like ‘Hell Hole” produced by Rich Kidd and “The Fire Is Burning produced by Boi Wonda are just the tip of the ice burg. He has also has gotten features from over seas rappers like Mike Baggz from statin island and Young Ducatto from the UK that only helped to stregthen his buzz and create his own path in the canadian music industry

Fueled by the trials and tribulations of his home town in Ridgeway. Carey” Gudini” Hemmings lyrics became very gritty and down to the point wich was not well recieved in the main stream hip hop circuit. It kept the rappers music confined to only one radio station. Encouraged to make good quality music, Courtney Allen mentored the young rapper by advising him to tone down the gritty and turn up the jiggy, wich in turn spun out a bunch of sucessful songs like “main feature” on the “we on some rich kidd shit vol.2” mixtape compilation wich features artists like Drake, Saukratees, Alkatraz and Mayham Morearty. Also “better have my money” featured on the local Dj Goods “Mississauga Murderers” mixtape compilaton.

In 2008 the rapper took a hiatus do to the fact that the streets were calling him. Fellow group member rich kidd was gaining alot of buzz and clout and always told the gudini to stay close as the buzz gets bigger. Now working in a resturant gudini was getting borred of the generic lifestyle he was living. One day Rich kidd told the rapper you should come to addys house and do some tracks, were putting together a compilation cd called” 28 days”. Gudini took Rich kidds offer and showed up where he met Frank white and Sinotra of the HG’s. He soon made a bond with the fellow rappers from jungle and made a couple songs with them.

In that same year gudini then went on to do a many performances with other local artist such as Theology Three and desisive and point blank. Also scoring solo performances at universitys and colleges such as mc master unversity york university and seneca. In 2010 the rapper scored it big when he was asked to go on a western Canada tour sponsered by Red Bull called the soaring to heaven tour headlineing Rich Kidd and Dj Mensa. The tour covered Vancouver to Winnepeg and back. Rockin shows for places like Banff, Calgary, Leffbridge, Winnepeg, Saskatoon, hooking up with local radio stations and doing what every rapper dreams of doing. this experience in turn made other people and rappers see gudini in another light. Being successful in recent years has made it easier for Gudini’s tracks to be played on radio stations such as 93.5 and roality radio. giving the rapper the extra push he needed to get his music and face out in the public.

Now when you here Gudini’s fierce punch line filled passionate verses you will recognize the voice and hard work ethic it takes to be sucssesful.

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