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Gudini and J.O. Mairs
Gudini (Photo: Amall Black) & J.O. Mairs (Photo: Lane Dorsey)

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Mississauga artists Gudini & J.O. Mairs team up for Contra EP

One of the hardest projects we’ve heard this month is the newly released collaborative Contra album from Mississauga artists Gudini and J.O. Mairs.

Contra was inspired by Konami’s 1987 run and gun arcade classic by the same name which features two futuristic commandos attempting to save the world from a gang of alien forces. For the EP, Gu and J.O. are basically embodying these heroes to save rap, simultaneously bodying wack emcees along the way.

Gudini and J.O. Mairs

Gudini (Photo: Amall Black) & J.O. Mairs (Photo: Lane Dorsey)

The 6-track project was largely self-produced by J.O. Mairs, with the exception of of “Stretch Four” which was produced by Got Dan. The project’s outro track, “Too Much,” was co-produced by Eric Gordon for Addik Productions, who also handled mixing and mastering.

J.O. and Ridgeway’s Gudini have a long history which features previously released collaborations. Back in 2014, the pair collaborated for the Solid Mass-produced “Hope,” which also received video support. The track appeared on Gudini’s Good, Bad, Ugly EP. In 2018, Gudini featured J.O. on his single “My City.”

Contra is available now on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Mairs Society/R-Way.

Mississauga artists Gudini and J.O. Mairs team up for Contra EP

You can follow @J.O.Mairs and @Gudini3590 on Instagram.

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