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Dec. 13-15: Hannibal Buress announces Isola Fest featuring T-Pain, Flying Lotus, Serengeti and more
Isola Fest takes place from Dec. 13-15, 2019


Dec. 13-15: Hannibal Buress announces Isola Fest featuring T-Pain, Flying Lotus, Serengeti & more

“Favorite actor Dennehy, favorite drink O’Doul’s, Bears, Hawks, Sox, Bulls…”

The man who effortlessly spent years single-handedly making people wish they were Chicagoans is on the move. And despite it not really having anything to do with Canadian hip-hop, the “bleak funhouse saga” that is Serengeti always makes him a treat to write about.

Serengeti, often referred to as his alter ego Kenny Dennis—the absurd and oddly poignant, blue collar hero of modernity, rib tips connoisseur, mustached rapper and softball titan—first hit our radar back in 2006 with the Midas Wells-produced underground classic “Dennehy.” Since then he’s released dozens of new projects, as well as a slightly more laid back 2019 take on “Dennehy” called “Dennehy Bulls” which premiered this past September.

Anyways, this post is really about a new festival announced by Hannibal Buress, but since Serengeti is on the bill it seemed like the perfect excuse to share “Dennehy” with anyone not fortunate enough to have already heard/seen it.

Known for equal parts innovation and antics in entertainment, Chicago comedian, actor and entrepreneur Hannibal Buress has announced the first ever Isola Fest, taking place from December 13th to 15th in Isola, MS. The small town Isola in rural Mississippi, population hovering around 800 and literally named after the word isolation, is an unlikely destination to some but the perfect backdrop for Buress’ three day event combining comedy, music, games, food and more under one roof at the Playaz Palace.

Along with Serengeti and Buress, who will headline the festival, Isola Fest will feature performances by T-Pain, Flying Lotus, Open Mike Eagle, Eryn Allen Kane, Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram, and Khris Royal, with more to be added in the future.

Tickets are available for purchase now and range from $30 to $100 (US currency). Buress has stoked media fires over recent weeks’ appearances in headlines, from igniting a politically charged Twitter-storm to re-confirming that he’s not MF Doom on stage with Flying Lotus at Adult Swim Festival.

Leave it to Hannibal Buress to forge the road no one has yet taken and close out the decade with one last stunt of 2019 in the South!

Speaking on the fest Hannibal shares: “I’m having a festival December 13-15th in rural Mississippi. That’s kind of short notice but I’m good with it. Isola is short for Isolation. I know this sounds like some Fyre Festival part 2 type situation but we have things pretty much in order. Our sandwiches are just as equally trash as theirs though. Some things you just can’t control. This is the town my mother’s side of the family is from. My cousin owns a venue called Playaz Palace so I’m getting a deal on these nights. The lineup is gonna be great. T-Pain, Flying Lotus, Open Mike Eagle, Eryn Allen Kane, Serengeti, and Khris Royal are all performing. It’s going to be a great time.”

For more information on Isola Fest and to purchase tickets check out Stay tuned for more news to come.

“Bears, Hawks, Sox, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls…”

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