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Hamilton’s Haolin Munk previews debut with “Deep Space Float”

Hamilton’s Haolin Munk are gearing up for the release of their debut project, The Planestasia Suite, this coming April. The project has been in the works for three years and is described as a “‘sci-fi rap suite – a cohesive story told by multiple vocalists as different characters.”

The main character is Mal Astro (portrayed by Emay) who aims to get his stolen spaceship back from his former crime-lord boss, Lee Greed (portrayed by fellow Hamiltonian, Lee Reed).

Reed is featured on the project’s first single, “Deep Space Float,” which has us excited to take in the rest of the album. The Planestasia Suite will be available on Friday, April 13.

“The record’s first single, ‘Deep Space Float,’ features rapper Lee Reed, an artist that we deeply admire and have performed/collaborated with in the past. He contributed a ton to the record’s development and concept, and recorded the rap for ‘Deep Space Float’ in one take. He’s a true pro and we really loved working with him. The track comes at the end of the album as Lee Greed floats in space after the destruction of his ship, reflecting on his life. Lee’s rap perfectly meshed with the vibe of the track and serves as a perfect conclusion to the story.”

Haolin Munk previews debut with Deep Space Float

Haolin Munk previews debut with Deep Space Float

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