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HipHopMadness on The Great and Frustrating Career of J. Cole
J. Cole


HipHopMadness on “The Great & Frustrating Career of J. Cole”

HipHopMadness dives right into what they call “The Great & Frustrating Career of J. Cole.”

J Cole: Hip Hop’s Reluctant Leader – Try as we might, no human being is infallible. Even when we enter a scenario with the best of intentions, there’s always a chance that we’ll fall afoul our own lofty standards to, or the even greater moral or professional compass that our peers assign to us. And in the era of social media, whatever perch you’re on is even more precarious.”

HipHopMadness narrator and host Pro

HipHopMadness narrator @ProTheGoat shows his face!

The latest episode of HipHopMadness is narrated by Pro the Goat, who finally reveals his face for HHM fans, and the script was written by Robert Blair. The video was edited by Roman Bill, while the background tunes come courtesy of Yondo and nk music.

On Wednesday, Cole released the 2-track Lewis Street featuring production by Canadian producer and frequent J. Cole collaborator, T-Minus.

Check out the video below.

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