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HipHopMadness on How Mumble Rap Lost Its Cool
HipHopMadness on "How Mumble Rap Lost Its Cool"


HipHopMadness on “How Mumble Rap Lost Its Cool”

HotNewHipHop, of our favourite hip-hop YouTube channels, recently dropped a new video taking a look at the rise and fall of the mumble rap era.

“Often grouped together as a cultural ill, the concept of ‘mumble rap’ dominated the hip-hop narrative for years at a time. Once viewed as one sub-category of the artform by those who reviled it rather than a collection of artists all striving towards individual goals, today ‘mumble rap’ is no longer a term that harbors any shred of validity to it. And by the same token, pledging your undying hatred for it as a ‘sub-genre’ now feels utterly redundant and embarrassing in its own right. As time separated who had talent from those that capitalized on a moment in time where skill seemed to matter less than meeting a simple criteria, the applicable traits of what was thought to be ‘mumble rap’ were taken and rehosted into more artistically fleshed-out music by those with the ability to do so.”

Check out the video below and stay tuned for more from HipHopMadness.

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