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Feel Better: Toronto R&B group Honors release new video

Feel Better: Toronto group Honors release new video

New music coming out of Toronto from R&B group Honors. The 4-man unit have released new Nikola Crnobrnja-directed visuals for their “Feel Better” single, powered by MOONBASE.

“We hope this song can serve as inspiration to you, so that when things feel really shitty, there’s something comforting in knowing that at least it’s real… in a world that seems so fucking fake so much of the time. Keep pushing, keep fighting.”

You can find “Feel Better” on various digital platforms including Spotify.

Honors has several shows scheduled over the coming months including a gig at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on Friday, Nov. 9.

Check out the video below along with the accompanying press release.

Feel Better: Toronto group Honors release new video

Honors share ambient sundown cruise video for “Feel Better” single

Today, alternative R&B band Honors share the ambient new music video for their latest single “Feel Better”, which was recently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Apple’s Best Of The Week, and playlists from Complex Magazine and CloudKid on YouTube, among others. The new video follows the band members on a winding car ride at dusk without any clear destination. It’s a visual that’s emblematic of the life of a musician, with endless turns and countless days on the road.

“We didn’t want to make traditional, or narrative based videos on our new project ‘Feel Better,'” shared Honors, continuing, “so instead we wanted to imagine a visual counterpoint to the emotion and feeling of the song. Driving is transportative literally, but also metaphorically. It is very introspective. For us ‘Feel Better’ is an autobiographical song about making peace with the journey, while continuing to move forward in the direction of your dreams.”

Feel Better: Toronto group Honors release new video

Originally from Toronto, they spend time between home and Los Angeles. Before the recent founding of Honors, its members have collaborated with everyone from Timbaland to Boi-1da, Illangelo, and Ludwig Gorannson.

“Honors’ sound merges electronic elements with pop and alternative R&B, delivering cool stylish music full of dynamic melodies, cogent lyrics and contagious rhythms.” – Huffington Post

Earlier this year, the group received worldwide attention for their #1 Global Viral Spotify chart hit “Over”. Honors is currently prepping for upcoming tour dates and an album release later this fall.

“‘Feel Better’ is a mantra for all of those who embrace their status as underdogs and overlooked. In a world where you are constantly bombarded by social media, it is easy to fall victim to the notion that your success and self worth is constantly measured against the carefully curated highlights of your peers. It is a call to arms for everyone who continues to fight and persevere in hopes of recognizing their dreams. The track oozes positivity through hardship, searching for the light in dark times with the lyrics “I feel better when I’m broken, I feel better when I’m lonely, I feel better with no money.”

Feel Better: Toronto group Honors release new video

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