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Hopsin in the COVID Mansion video
Scene from the "COVID Mansion" video


Hopsin is staying in a Thai “COVID Mansion” during quarantine

COVID-19 has served as a creative muse for many artists during quarantine, with several dropping a new track with COVID or coronavirus references in their song titles.

One extra hot new release is the Hopsin video for his “COVID Mansion” single. In the visual, Hopsin gives you a glimpse at his quarantine living arrangements while being stuck in Thailand, as he marches through a mansion from one room to the next.

Hopsin is staying in his COVID Mansion during quarantine

Scene from the “COVID Mansion” video

The self-produced banger is filled with lighthearted barbs about the COVID-19’s origins, how he’s still dealing with some inconveniences like many of us during this difficult time (“I got no toilet paper to wipe my butt with”), and how he’s respecting social distancing: “Don’t be jokingly mingling if you happen to notice me / I ain’t fuckin’ with none of you niggas ’til the ‘Rona leave.” He even takes a quick shot at his quarantine roommate:

“‘Scuse me, I’m ’bout to bang my forehead on the floor and scream
The dude I’m staying with’s annoying
How much fucking torture can boredom be?
Take my ass to the morgue in peace! (Look bitch)”

You can find “COVID Mansion” on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Check out the George Orozco-directed video below.

You can follow @Hopsin on Instagram.

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