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Houdini (Photo: Instagram)

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Houdini features new songs with Burna Bandz & Bvlly on Hou Woulda Thought (Deluxe)

Toronto rapper Houdini has released the Deluxe edition of his album Hou Woulda Thought.

The Deluxe edition gives fans three new songs including “Gary Coleman” which features recently deceased Toronto artist Bvlly.


Houdini (Photo: Instagram)

Burna Bandz is also featured on the new fan favourite “Pay For Love,” while Houdini comes in solo on the third song, “Trappin’ Charity.”

Earlier today, Houdini took to Instagram to ask his followers which track they were feeling the most. “Pay For Love” was clearly the favourite with “Gary Coleman” coming in second.

Along with promoting the new release, Houdini can be found on new projects by Burna Bandz (Don’t Play With Fire) and J Neat (Neatly Done).

The single has been added to HipHopCanada’s official Spotify Playlist, Canadian Fresh.

Along with Spotify, you can find Hou Woulda Thought (Deluxe) on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and TIDAL via Create Music Group.

Houdini features new songs with Burna Bandz & Bvlly on Hou Woulda Thought (Deluxe)

You can follow @Houdini on Instagram.

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