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HUSH. and Hudson Alexander
HUSH. and Hudson Alexander (Photo: Instagram)


HUSH. & Hudson Alexander enlist Tomorrow Knight for “Recipe”

Up-and-coming Toronto MC/producer duo HUSH. & Hudson Alexander recently added to their buzz with the catchy new tune “Recipe.”

The Tomorrow Knight-assisted record is certain to see their fanbase grow even further, with the song recently passing 8,500 views on Spotify. Video would certainly be ideal for exposure but as of right now this song is being criminally slept on. Hopefully recent additions to some big playlists like Northern Bars will give the song the reach it deserves.

“Recipe” was recently added to HipHopCanada’s official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

Along with Spotify, you can find the single on various other digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and TIDAL via Interscope Records.

HUSH. and Hudson Alexander enlist Tomorrow Knight for Recipe

You can follow @HUSHsvii and @Hudson_Alexander on Instagram.

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Featured Playlist: Canadian Fresh

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