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Indiegogo’s new Reclouder makes recording high-quality audio quick and easy

Reclouder makes recording high-quality audio quick and easy
The Reclouder device in action. (Photo: Supplied)

Are you looking to record high-quality sound but don’t have an engineer to work with? Maybe you’re lacking regular access to a good studio? Well if either of those apply to you, you might want to consider the new Reclouder device that was released to the market today.

Reclouder launches today on Indiegogo, offering users a personal hybrid audio recorder. Reclouder is a smart audio recording device that easily syncs, stores and shares audio recordings in the cloud. The handy portable recorder is compatible with almost every microphone and can function as a lossless audio thru box to easily integrate a user’s recording process with live sound. Even more impressive, Reclouder reimagines the way audio is recorded.

Reclouder makes recording high-quality audio quick and easy

The Reclouder device in action. (Photo: Supplied)

“When looking at the complexity and cost of live audio recording set-ups, we realized there must be a simpler and more cost-effective solution,” said Zhao, Founder of Reclouder.

“With Reclouder, we’re reducing the cost of pro-audio recording and generating more live recordings. This means more revenue for the audio and video producers and the sharing of music amongst groups of people.”

Reclouder fits any setup and is fast and easy to use, which massively reduces the level of stress and time spent setting up typical audio equipment without compromising quality. To use Reclouder, simply connect a mic or instrument to the input of the device and wire further using the direct thru connection. Reclouder records on it’s integrated SD card first, and when connected to Wi-Fi it will automatically synchronize the recordings to the cloud. From there, the recordings will be available for post-production. This means users can easily sync, store and share audio recordings in the cloud, wirelessly, for access to recordings anytime, anywhere.

Users also have the option of expanding their recording session by linking multiple Reclouders using the latest Bluetooth Mesh Networking technology. Now, artists and producers can create a decentralized wireless network for multitrack recording. The accompanying Reclouder app allows for the control of this network of Reclouders from a mobile device. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the mobile app can control devices, sessions, sources and user management.

Reclouder makes recording high-quality audio quick and easy

The Reclouder device in action. (Photo: Supplied)

Reclouder is a hybrid recording solution that offers a traditional way of recording. Supplemented by its decentralized design, it connects to trends such as blockchain, IoT and 5G mobile networks. Reclouder is not an audio over Bluetooth recorder nor an app for recording on your mobile device. Reclouder is a creator’s best friend for recording high quality audio up to 24/96kHz (DVD audio quality).

Every musician in a band owns a musical instrument and accessories and now every band member can own a Reclouder. The Reclouder has the added advantage that the device is as simple to operate as a stompbox.

Reclouder’s pro-grade preamp is compatible with almost every mic, instrument and camera for high-quality recordings, no matter the venue. Reclouder is about freedom. With Reclouder you can control your own recording process and connect online for the enhancement of your audio through file sharing and available cloud services. The minimalistic design and the hard, sturdy outer shell will discreetly record while keeping the audio safe too.

Reclouder is now available on Indiegogo for $134. For more information or to place a pre-order, visit

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