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My Whole Life: Producer Jade River taps Ariano & Myka 9 for single

There are two types of musical artists in this world. Some “artists” create because they simply think it’s a fun and “cool” hobby. Others create because they are driven by a passion burning inside them, fueled by the need to say something meaningful. Such is the case when speaking about Myka 9 and Ariano, veterans in the SoCal hip-hop scene.

Myka 9 is a true legend, the Miles Davis of hip-hop, and one of the original members of Freestyle Fellowship. As an undisputed founder of the Los Angeles hip-hop scene, he helped lay the blueprint to the creative flow patterns and current rhyme schemes you hear permeating hip-hop today.

Ariano is a true pioneer in the game with his ability to pull at your heartstrings with his catchy hooks, singing like an angel with the pain of a demon, making you feel his life’s journey with every raspy vocal.

My Whole Life: Producer Jade River taps Ariano and Myka 9 for single

Myka 9 (Right) with Canadian producer Factor

Myka 9 has tapped into the pain, losses, love and victories of his life’s experiences and poured his whole being into his new track, “My Whole Life.” Sometimes it can be hard to get to know the artist behind the clever wordplay and metaphors, or beautiful images crafted through perfectly laid verses, but on “My Whole Life,” Myka 9 provides a window into not only on his life but his career, which are inextricably one and the same. Flowing effortlessly over the beautifully crafted Jade River production, and backed by Ariano on the hook, Myka 9 bares his soul for all to hear.

“My Whole Life” is more than just a song for Myka 9. It’s a declaration of a true artist announcing, “This is my life. I am here to stay.”

You can find the single now on various streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes. Check out the track below.

My Whole Life: Producer Jade River taps Ariano and Myka 9 for single

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