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Jalen Santoy to headline UNCRWND Vol. 6 on Jan. 5

Performances by Cardo Antonnio, Don Papi, Haviah Mighty, JETSET & more

Jalen Santoy to headline UNCRWND Vol. 6 on Jan. 5
Jalen Santoy

For those who are not familiar with UNCRWND or have never been to a show, it is safe to say that you are sleeping on some incredible Canadian hip-hop.

UNCRWND is an event series that is designed to break down the barriers of the Toronto music scene and give artists an opportunity to perform, network and grow. Since its inception over 2 years ago, the show has highlighted performers across Canada including K. Forest, Dkay, Kyle Wildfern, Ramsay Almighty and JETSET.

This January, UNCRWND returns to the Rivoli stage for another night of high energy Canadian hip-hop. The line up is an eclectic mix of new faces and UNCRWND alumni, which is sure to bring down the house. Also, for the first time ever, UNCRWND is bringing over an artist from the US to compliment an outstanding Canadian line up, Jalen Santoy.

It all goes down on Friday, Janaury 5th at Rivoli in Toronto. Tickets are available here:

Check below for more info about each artist and some of their stand out tracks. You’ll also find the official UNCRWND playlist.

Cardo Antonnio

Cardo Antonnio has been making a name for himself as of late with a plethora of high energy, catchy singles like Kalipari and Paid In Advance. His mixture of braggadocios bars and nonchalant flow has gotten him various placements on Spotify and even got the attention of Unimerce who had him perform at her recent AGS event. It will be Cardo’s first time on the UNCRWND stage and we are seriously looking forward to his performance.

Don Papi

Another newcomer to the UNCRWND stage is Don Papi, who got our attention with his “Hate To Say I Told You So” release from earlier this year. Don Papi is coming off an eclectic performance at Monster Mash, with French Montana and Baka, and is looking to bring that same energy to the UNCRWND stage.

Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty is ¼ of Toronto’s female powerhouse group called The Sorority. She has had an incredible year this year complete with performances at Manifesto amongst other shows and festivals across the city. Haviah is a tenacious performer and we are looking for her to make her mark at Rivoli this January.

Jalen Santoy

The first international artist to ever be included on an UNCRWND bill is Jalen Santoy. He is originally from Charlotte but has since moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. Jalen was a featured performer at this years NXNE festival and has been able to rack up nearly 40 million streams on his song Foreplay.


Coming off of an incredibly strong year, Jerelle has been patiently waiting for his shot at the UNCRWND stage. He has performed all over the GTA, and opened for SonReal last month at Maxwells in Waterloo. His sound is authentic, his stage presence is unmatched and we are really looking forward to having him on the show. He also recently dropped his debut E.P Undertow which you should check out.


UNCRWND alumni, JETSET, is back for another go on the Rivoli stage. Coming off his recent release All The Way, you can be sure to expect energy and engagement from his set. He feels at home on the stage and will definitely make the night one to remember.

Kyle Wildfern

Waycool’s Kyle Wildfern is definitely a fan favourite at UNCRWND and he will be returning in a big way this January. Kyle’s personality really shines through on stage and we are looking forward to hearing his new releases Advance and Out of Love live.


As it turns out, Tahir has been on stage at UNCRWND before, but he has never officially been on the bill so we would like to take the time now to formally introduce him to the world. He came on stage at the last UNCRWND to a packed house to perform Noraebang, his collaboration with Justin Trash and Joe Rascal of Uptown Boyband. We can’t wait to see how he is able to get the crowd moving with his own set.

Uptown Boyband

Arguably the coolest people I have ever seen on stage, Uptown Boyband are back in action on the UNCRWND stage. Their set in August was one of the most high-energy sets I have ever seen complete with mosh pits, stage dives and all. Their set is one that you really do not want to miss.

UNCRWND Volume 6 Playlist

Check out the official UNCRWND Volume 6 Playlist on Spotify below:

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