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Toronto artist Jay Rukas releases new music: “You Got Attention” & “I Can Tell”

Toronto artist Jay Rukas releases new music: You Got Attention and I Can Tell
Jay Rukas (Photo: Instagram)

Toronto artist and producer Jay Rukas is back with a couple of new tunes you’ll definitely want to take in.

This past weekend the HXLY-produced “You Got Attention” was posted to Jay’s Apple Music profile, although it has yet to hit other major streaming outlets (aside from SoundCloud).

SoundCloud is also the home to a brand new track he uploaded this morning–roughly an hour ago–featuring production by Scorpio Prodz. It’s unclear if “I Can Tell” will be distributed to other platforms as well.

Both songs follow Jay’s Jan. 2019 single, “Facts,” and his 2018 independent project, Make It Count. You can find that on Apple Music and other outlets.

Stream “You Got Attention” and “I Can Tell” below.

You can follow @JayRukas on Instagram.

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