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NYC up-and-comer Jay Sek releases the “Let It Go” single

Up-and-comer Jay Sek releases the Let It Go single
Jay Sek

New York based alt hip-hop artist Jay Sek has released his newest single, “Let It Go, which premiered a few days ago.

Jay Sek has the powerful ability to transform emotion and real experiences into great music, which is expressed perfectly in this XXXTentacion inspired single. His emotions shine through his hardcore lyricism as “Let It Go” expresses his deep inner feelings.

“This song means a lot to me, in the sense that it shows a more extreme side of me, one that is aggressive and impatient.” – Jay Sek

“I think that a lot of people can find an appeal to this track, to which it can bring out the inner rage in themselves.”

At the age of 17, Jay Sek has organically gained almost 3,000 followers on SoundCloud and his songs have garnered about 350,000 plays across various platforms within the first few months. His song, “you made me sO happy,” has amassed over 130,000 plays within a 3 month period.

“Aspiring hip-hop artist Jay Sek of Plainview, New York proves once again that it is possible to transform emotions into music.” – The Rap Fest

Jay Sek has increased his fanbase worldwide and has many projects that he is planning to release in the future. For now, you can check out “Let It Go” below.

Up-and-comer Jay Sek releases the Let It Go single

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