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Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

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Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors & more

Jock Talk – Back like I never left. Always moving right.

Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

I begin with sad news about the passing of former NHL goaltender Ray Emery. Police reports state Emery drowned while swimming in his hometown of Hamilton. He was only 35. The cause of death still needs to be confirmed following an examination.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ray at the Stylus Awards in Toronto back in 2011. The same awards where I met for the first time, HipHopCanada’s own, Dutch! A bunch of us were in the men’s bathroom smoking away as if we were all at a BBQ. Incidentally, it was the only place to do so while the ceremony was carrying on. I thought I’d put that out there. Anyways, Ray walks in and I’m like, “Yo, Ray Emery!” We started laughing as I shook his hand and bigged him up. Cool dude man. I tried to offer him two off the Kush but he declined due to NHL restrictions. Still, I respected how he kicked it with us for a good minute. Talking hockey and where he might end up playing for that upcoming season. Bless vibes still, dapped us up and I remember his parting words as he exited the bathroom, “Be good boys.” Word!

A solid team player with a heart of gold. Razor, as he was affectionately known by all who played with him, had a whole lot of jam. The man would never back down from nobody as evidenced throughout his hockey career. That game vs Buffalo as a Senator jumps out at me automatically. YouTube it! As a man of colour, he gave hope to a lot of minority kids who dreamed that one day they too could play in the NHL. A Stanley Cup champion and an overall champion in life, Emery will be sadly missed. Rest In Peace, Ray.

Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

Vive la France! Amazing was their run all throughout the World Cup. And a 4-2 victory over Croatia in the final cemented them as the best team standing. A very well balanced squad made up of mostly immigrants. I stick that point because France as a country has been known not to be so friendly to people of colour or different religions. Hopefully some will see the beauty of blending people together to become stronger as a whole. Lead by an extraordinary 19-year-old, Kylian Mbappe. The young prodigy has served the world notice as to who will take over the mantle as the worlds best after Ronaldo and Messi call it a career or skills decline. Mbappe becomes the youngest champion to score in a final since PELE did the feat back in 1958 as a 17-year-old for Brazil.

Hats off to Croatia too for displaying a wide range of skills in advancing to the finals. Easily the furthest they’ve ever gone as a country. Same to be said for Belgium who won third place by defeating England, 2-0. Being part British it was a delight in seeing the boys get this far. 2022 can’t come soon enough. Then in 2026, the world is coming to North America. You know Toronto will host a few of those games. Bring it on!

Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

The Midsummer Classic is here. Always enjoy watching the home-run derby and the actual All-Star itself. Congrats to Nationals, Bryce Harper for winning the derby in his own backyard, Washington D.C. He owned the moment with the crowd rocking behind him as if it were a World Series game. Respect to the MLB heavies, who are known to get it right when paying homage to the players of yesteryear. J.A. Happ will be reppin’ the Blue Jays at the game. Meanwhile his name continues to make waves in possible trade destinations. Yankees and Cubs look to be the front runners to acquire the veteran lefty.

Some of the players I look forward to watching; Mad Max vs Chris Sale, named as the starting pitchers. Honorary Canadian, Freddie Freeman. AL MVP candidate, Jose Ramirez. The heavy duty, Nolan Arenado. Mookie Betts, my guy from time. Will J.D. Marinez go deep? 4 Mariners make the squad, best showing ever. Patrick Corbin earned his way onto the NL squad. And of course big up Etobicoke’s Joey Votto on being named to a record-breaking sixth All-Star Game. Breaking the tie he had with retired slugger Larry Walker for most all-star appearances by a Canadian. Dope!

Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

Congrats to Angelique Kerber for hoisting the Venus Rosewater Dish in victory at Centre Court at Wimbledon. Salute to Serena Williams as well for a gutsy effort throughout the week. Seeing as though she recently gave birth and to be back on the grass in less than a year is truly remarkable. These ladies are the best in the world. Hands down!

On the men’s side, Novak Djokovic made quick work of Kevin Anderson’s big game in straight sets. Djokovic needed to come up with a big grand slam win after being off his game for the better part of the year. He also gave the English crowd the business during the week for being too bias against him during his matches leading up to the final. At the end of it all, all was forgiven. Ya, winning kind of does that.

Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

It’s hasn’t been the best week to be LeSean McCoy. Now his estranged girlfriend appears be backing away from previous statements implicating the NFL player in a robbery and assault that left her badly beaten and hospitalized.

In the 911 recording, Delicia Cordon insists to the operator that McCoy — a 30-year-old running back for the Buffalo Bills who has reportedly tried to evict her from his home following their breakup last year — had “something to do” with the attack. “He took a diamond bracelet off my wrist,” Cordon says in the 911 call of the unidentified assailant. “He just kept asking for jewelry. I think it has something to do with my ex-boyfriend.”

However, McCoy has vehemently denied any involvement with the robbery and assault. I won’t post the pictures of the victim but it was terrible to know men were behind beating a women so severely. Those type of guys deserve whatever they got coming to them.

Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

Quick Hits. Ronaldo to Juventus. Wow! This man wants to conquer all European leagues … Where will Manny Machado end up? … Nice to see Jabari Parker end up where he grew up, Chi-town. Bucks decided to let him walk for free? … Manny Pacquiao is back! Or is he? Does it even matter? A win is a win, I guess … Scarborough’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes is doing everything possible to stick with the Los Angeles Lakers … Late, but massive salute to WILLIE O’REE on his NHL Hall Of Fame selection … Will Kawhi Leonard end up with the Raptors? That’d be nice! Apparently we’re in the drivers seat… Meanwhile Isaiah Thomas agrees to one-year-deal with the Nuggets for the veterans minimum, ouch! … Nice to see Marc-André Fleury get rewarded with a 3-year with Golden Knights … Terrell Owens wants to play in the CFL, for what? … Tony Romo took home the belt for celebrity golfers at Lake Tahoe. He also turned down $125,000 to retain his amateur status. The money will be donated to local charities and the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. Solid!

Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

Jock Talk with JD: Track of the Week

My track of the week goes out to J. Probz from the group US. With an assist from J. Diggz on the hook. This track here is dedicated to Brian Grant, LS Peters, Howard Whalen and all the fallen soldiers who lost their life to gun violence. Rest easy.

Jock Talk with JD: Tavares comes home, LeBron chooses LA, Free Agent frenzy and moreThe summer is kicking in with beauty golf weather and cottage settings.

Hope y’all enjoying! Thanks for reading. Peace out!

Your Boy,


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Jock Talk with JD: France are champs, RIP Ray Emery, Raptors and more

JD is a Canadian hip-hop head who writes a weekly column for HipHopCanada called 'Jock Talk with JD." Click here for a list of his previous updates.

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