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Drake reportedly offered Kawhi Leonard a role with OVO if he signs with Toronto

Drake reportedly offered Kawhi Leonard a role with OVO Sound if he signs with Toronto
Kawhi Leonard & Drake

Since winning their first NBA Championship in June, the number one question on people’s minds is where superstar Kawhi Leonard would end up. “Kawhi Watch” has been in full swing, with many speculating that the small forward would return to Toronto for at least a couple of more seasons, while others have suggested he’d move on to a team like the Los Angeles Lakers.

For example, veteran Lakers shooter Jared Dudley is convinced Leonard will be a Laker before the season starts in October, and former star player (and current ESPN analyst) Jalen Rose thinks Kawhi stays in the 6ix.

There’s even a bunch of people that think Kawhi will end up on an different team altogether, especially Clippers fans. Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear he’s going to the Clippers, Nets, or even the Knicks.


Kawhi Leonard

But despite all the rumours and speculation, Drake is taking it upon himself to sweeten Kawhi’s desire to stay with the Raptors.

On Tuesday, a rumour was circulating that Drake was planning a campaign to convince Kawhi to stay and that allegedly includes offering the Finals MVP a role with his record label, OVO Sound.

It’s unclear what that role might be but Chris Broussard from FOX Sports did report that Drizzy was involved with negotiations, so it’s not hard to imagine the OVO brand being brought into the discussion.

There was some buzz about Kawki making his decision at some point today, but according to Jabari Young of The Athletic, it could still be a dew days before we find out where’s going. Last night he tweeted:

“On the Kawhi front, told he’s not making a decision tonight and it may not be until the next few days. He and his reps are going through the process and taking their time before deciding the next move. No 2-year deals have been discussed.”

Kawhi’s decision will likely be revealed on the weekend, or could even spill into next week.

If the OVO rumours are true, it’s still unclear what type of role Kawhi would have with the company, or if he’s ever considered cutting an album.

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