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Toronto’s KIIA releases “Touch Me” single in advance of LIEL album


Musically inclined KIIA discovered his passion for the arts at a very young age and started his musical journey by playing traditional Persian instruments like the Setar and Tar from the age of seven.

After a successful career in the International market as the lead singer-songwriter for the bilingual Electro pop band, Empire Eleven, the Toronto-based artist went on to record his first album as a solo artist earlier this year.

The new “Touch Me” single is the second off KIIA’s forthcoming album, LIEL – Love in Every Language, following the Catchy-produced “PAPA” single that was released in October. LIEL is expected for release in early 2019.

“It’s uncovering the intensity of that physical attraction, and how that strong intimate connection and chemistry, could be the only reason you stay, even though you have reason to leave! It’s like, ‘I know enough that I should leave, but the intense sexual chemistry keeps pulling me back.’ So in one simple phrase: power of physical touch (which is one of the Love languages).”

You can find the new single on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Listen to “Touch Me” below. The post also contain the video for “PAPA,” directed by Loggo Lionel.

KIIA releases Touch Me single in advance of LIEL album

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