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Song of the Day: Toronto rapper Killy leads a wave with viral video “Killamonjaro”

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It’s an interesting time for the Canadian industry, and we’re currently seeing the rise of a few extremely promising artists. East Toronto-based rapper Killy is one of those that is gaining attention and made his mark when he came onto the scene with “Stolen Identity” (available to stream below). He boasts a sound and rhyme scheme that is unique and consequentially untamed. At the beginning of February he dropped the visuals for the Gray Jacques-produced “Killamonjaro” and the video has since gone viral – recently surpassing 90,000 plays on YouTube [Update: The video has over 9 million as of Oct. 2017].

Killy presents the Killamonjaro video

Killy is the perfect example of a new generation of artists who are defining their own definitions of success by manifesting their authentic and unapologetic personalities into the greater industry. He’s not someone that you’ve heard of, and he’s doing it differently than anyone else – but it’s working for him. The visuals show the young emcee bouncing around a party with his comrades, all while toting a designer scarf wrapped eloquently around his neck.

Be sure to follow @killy on Instagram and check out the “Killamonjaro” below.

Lyrics: Killy – Killamonjaro

I can introduce you to this life we live forever
Live forever, yah
Live forever, yah
I can introduce you to this life we live forever
Live forever, yah
Live forever, yah
I can introduce you to this life we live forever
Live forever, yah
Live forever, yah
Fallin’ in love, three yah
Wit’ three yaah (wit’ me)
Fallin’ in love, all three yah
That lean yah
The molly, the Xanny, the lean yah!

[Verse 1]
I cannot stand all the drama, the gaza
They talkin’, they movin’ like zombies
Trustin’ nobody
I cannot love her but I said I love her
‘Cause I was so gone off the molly
Sorry, not sorry
Roll up deep to the party
Only Uber big body
‘Til I cop dat ‘Rari
Push to start, no car key
I am so sick of these bitches they trippin’
I swear that they learn from Kehlani
(Run this shit no sweat
See me don’t see stress)

Too many phonies around me
They keeping me cautious I’m keeping them parrow
Purp drink no taro (lean lean lean)
Sip with a model
Fuckin’ on models
Just hit the lotto’
Gucci my goggles

[Verse 2]
I turn my head when they talkin’
They talkin’ that nonsense and fake conversations on me
Preein’ and plottin’, they hatin’ on me
Couple would send a location on me
I got a lot on my conscience
These demons, they callin’, they teasin’, they weighin’ on me
(weighin’, weighin’ on me)
What do I see through these Cartier frames? (Yuh)
Big bands in my vault
I said watch me flaunt
I said watch me bop
Killy be hoggin’ tha ball (ya!)
Skrrt off in foreign, I’m gone
I see you see me from far
Keep tryna be me, it’s hard
Flex on you, I hurt ya heart


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