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Chicago star rapper King Von killed in Downtown Atlanta shooting
King Von


Chicago star rapper King Von killed in Downtown Atlanta shooting

Update 11/11/2020: Well known associates of King Von, mainly OTF Boss Top and Memo600, have indicated that Louie is still alive and currently in critical condition. It was initially reported that Louie (and another crew member named Slutty) had been killed by police just after the shooting that killed King Von. There is online chatter suggesting Louie was shot in the head, but that could just be a rumour.

We have some sad news coming out of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s been reported and confirmed that Chicago star rapper King Von (born Dayvon Bennett) has been killed in a early morning shooting.

According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, three people were killed in total and three others were injured after a fight started outside of an Atlanta club.

It was initially reported that the other two men killed were also well-known members of King Von’s O’Block entourage Oblock Louie and Slutty, but there are also reports that Louie is alive and in critical condition. It remains unclear.

“The GBI said Dayvon Bennett, aka King Von, and a group of men left a nightclub and headed to the Monaco Hookah Lounge on Trinity Avenue,” WSB wrote.

“Two men approached the group in the parking lot and the groups started to argue. The argument escalated into gunfire.”

Police were actually on scene when the fight broke out, tried to intervene, but ended up getting shot and then fired back. King Von’s manager has already stated to DJ Akademiks that Von was not killed by police.

“From my convo with Von manager who survived getting shot, he says it wasn’t the police who killed King Von,” Akademiks tweeted out.

“However, he did say Police did engage in a shoot out with other armed individuals who were there. King Von reportedly was unarmed.”

In footage that is already circulating social media, King Von is reportedly seen throwing a flurry of punches before another individual emerges from behind an SUV with a gun raised. It’s unclear if that is the moment Von was shot. The word is there is more footage on the way that should make the situation clearer.

Either way, it’s another big loss for the Chicago / hip-hop community.

Predictably, social media is already flooded with tributes from fans, as well as a ton of trolling from Von’s opposition, and, sadly, fans of those opps.

Our condolences to King Von, Louie and Slutty’s family and friends.

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