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KOTD releases the Talkback: Bender Tribute Show
KOTD is joined by Bender's older sister Christy to pay tribute to the fallen MC


KOTD releases the Talkback: Bender Tribute Show #RIPBender

Canadian hip-hop took a huge hit last week with the loss of Bender, and his KOTD family has come out in full force to pay tribute to the fallen wordsmith.

The team started with a touching social media tribute which started shortly after Bender’s death, with an outpouring of support from battle fans and notable hip-hop heads alike. Acclaimed hip-hop artist and producer, Alchemist was one of the first to pay tribute.

KOTD releases the Talkback: Bender Tribute Show

Bender’s sister Christy talks about the community coming together to celebrate Bender’s life.

Now KOTD has taken things a step further by launching a Bender tribute show called Talkback.

It’s almost 2-hours in length and features stories about Bender from various members of the KOTD family, including Organik, Bishop Brigante, Gully TK, Charron, Knamelis, Arcane, and UK artist Shotty Horroh. They were joined by Christy, who is Bender’s sister.

A few days ago, Christy gave some insight into what might have been the cause of his passing. And even then, it’s still hasn’t been 100% determined. She indicated in a message on Facebook to Organik that Bender suffered from “bad sleep apnea.” An autopsy will hopefully provide the family with more answers.

Along with the discussion about Bender, the show features a ton of Bender photos, as well as tributes from other artists, including Bender’s Flight Distance partner, MC Patience.

You can watch Talkback: Bender Tribute Show below.

KOTD is also promoting a GoFundMe campaign helping raise money for Bender in this time of need. Please click here to help out. At the time of this posting, the campaign has already passed it’s $10K target. Donations are still being accepted.\

Talkback: Bender Tribute Show

R.I.P. Bender.

KOTD releases the Talkback: Bender Tribute Show

Arcane pays tribute to Bender.

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