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Listen to the new Smoke Signals album by East Coast group K.U.$.H.

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East Coast group K.U.$.H. releases the Smoke Signals album

East Coast group K.U.$.H. releases the Smoke Signals album

Our weekly segment Submission Sundays features the recently released Smoke Signals album by 7-man unit K.U.$.H.

Submission Sundays is a segment featuring eight songs or videos based 100% on submissions we receive through our Submission Form. We select eight as a team, and the rest of the submissions are put back in the pool for future consideration.


  • Who: Recording group K.U.$.H. consisting of L’Nu JoKeR, Cody Johnzon, Devon Paul, Gearl, Switcha, Kam Speech and OldSelf.
  • What: The new album Smoke Signals which was released at the end January.
  • When: Smoke Signals is available on Spotify, and other outlets.
  • Where: Representing Eskasoni First Nation and TrackHouse – based in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
  • Why: A solid body of work by a large handful of talented artists and musicians. The project provides the group with a great foundation to build up their name nationally, and while also providing each member great support to pursue solo endeavours. Check out Smoke Signals and make sure to check out the singles “My Nitap,” featuring JoKeR, Cody Johnzon and Gearl, and “No Turnin’ Back” featuring JoKeR and Switcha.

You can listen to the new project below.


Listen to the new Smoke Signals album by East Coast group K.U.$.H.

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1. T.G.I.F (ft. JoKeR, Gearl, Beaatz, C.O.D, WB)
(Prod. 99centbeatz)

2. Fire (ft. JoKeR & Nokes of the Royal Kush Band)
(Prod. Fugitive Beatz)

3. On The Floor (ft. JoKeR & BGK)
(Cuts by BGK) (Prod. 99centbeatz)

4. Slow Burn (ft. Cody Johnzon & JoKeR)
(Prod. 99centbeatz)

5. Money (ft. JoKeR & BOB BELL)
(Cuts BOB BELL) (Prod. BOB BELL)

6. Bout That Life (ft. JoKeR & DETHTRAPS)
(Prod. 99centbeatz)

7. Lets Get Fucked Up (ft. JoKeR, C.O.D, Gearl, Devon Paul, Shift From Tha 902, Kloud9)
(Prod. Cooarri)

8. Kejitun Eta (ft. Gearl & Cody Johnzon)
(Prod. Michael Olmos)

9. Laid Back (ft. Yung Casper)
(Prod. 5 Star Beatz)

10. My Nitap (ft. JoKeR, Cody Johnzon & Gearl)
(Prod. Digtal Beatz)

11. Mi’kmaq (ft. Cody Johnzon)
(Prod. TwanBeatMaker)

12. Can I Get Ah (ft. JoKeR & Jim Melvin of the Royal Kush Band)
(Prod. HD Flats)

13. Inuksuk (ft. Gearl)
(Prod. The ARTISANS)

14. No Turnin’ Back (ft. JoKeR & Switcha)
(Prod. Cooarri)

15. Suicide Squad (ft. JoKeR, Cody Johnzon & Gearl)
(Prod. The ARTISANS)

16. Zassthatshitaround (ft. JoKeR & Gearl)
(Prod. Nine Diamond)

17. Blunted (ft. JoKeR, Kam Speech & Gearl)
(Prod. Blunted Beatz)

18. Swisha (ft. Shift From Tha 902 & JoKeR)
(Prod. 5 Star Beatz)

19. This Can’t Be Life (ft. JoKeR)
(Prod. Cooarri)

20. Elevate (ft. JoKeR, Jay bizzy, Gearl & Cody Johnzon)
(Prod. Nokes of the Royal Kush Band)

21. Ziplock (ft. JoKeR)
(Prod. Nokes of the Royal Kush Band)

22. Bout That Life (Remix) ft. JoKeR, Gearl, Cody Johnzon, Shift From Tha 902, Kuntow, Dmattz, Devon Paul, Kloud9 & Frag
(Prod. 99centbeatz)


The be considered for our weekly Submission Sundays segment, please submit your content using our Submission Form.

Please note, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to each submission directly. Submissions with missing information will be deleted.

A summary of this week’s selections:

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