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Navigator: L Pro & producer 5th Sequence team up for new EP

Navigator: L PRO and producer 5th Sequence team up for new EP
L Pro

Oregon based hip-hop veteran L Pro (aka L Profound) has released the Navigator EP in collaboration with longtime producer, 5th Sequence.

PRO and 5th have worked together for many projects including Equilibrium and Vertigo, and this work is another classic effort by this dynamic pair. From thought provoking joints like “Round and Round,” to the classic joint “Ledge,” L PRO and 5th Sequence continue to set the standard for solid collaboration.

With guest production on “The Show” by Bogart Beats and cuts by DJ Flip Flop, Navigator continues the trend that L PRO and 5th Sequence have kept for so many years.

Check out the EP and grab your copy below.

Navigator: L Pro and producer 5th Sequence team up for new EP

About L PRO

After moving from San Diego California to Portland, Oregon as a teenager; L PRO entered the music scene with his first record, Uncharted Regions, produced by D-Wyze in 1996. This album featured guest appearances by the Lifesavas, Cool Nutz, Destro Destructo of Oldominion and others.

Ultimately, this album proved to be a well rounded album and received accolades from XXL magazines Adisa Banjoko who noted, “These cats are nice, real nice; from the opening track ‘Navigation’ to ‘Four O’clock in the morning’ and ‘No Matter,’ you can tell that D-Wyze and L Profound ain’t new to this.” Banjoko continues with, “they have true skills and lace the album with a tone of positivity that doesn’t come off as corny or condescending.”

Pro headed back into the studio to work on the biographical record “Chronicles” with producer Arkitek. This record featured guest appearances from Libretto, Destro, and Syndel of Sirens Echo. After releasing Chronicles, L PRO linked up with producer 5th Sequence for many hard-hitting releases that included the Equilibrium EP and Vertigo. Both records proved to be a collection of classic boom bap drums, solid lyricism, and thought-provoking concepts.

Now with the release of Navigator, L PRO and 5th Sequence are back with a new project full of the classic sound that L PRO and 5th Sequence are used to delivering. Full of and thoughtful lyrical content and guest production by Bogart Beats and cuts by DJ Flip Flop, Navigator will not disappoint any true hip hop fan longing for that classic boom bap feel.

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