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Lil Berete (Photo: Instagram)

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Lil Berete returns with highly anticipated 1 Way Out mixtape

Budding Toronto rapper Lil Berete has officially released his sophomore mixtape, 1 Way Out.

The new tape—Berete’s second project of the year following STN: The Mixtape—features appearances by UK artists Loski, Headie One, Deno, Chicago’s Calboy, Toronto’s BIIIG RAX, and Jaegen.

“If there is indeed only 1 Way Out for Berete, he has decided it’s through increasingly personal stories of growing up fast in Toronto’s Regent Park neighborhood, delivered in his signature brand of Auto-Tuned rap-singing.” – Apple Music

Aside from the incredible collection of tunes found on 1 Way Out, another interesting thing about the tape is the unique artwork. It features a letter written to Berete’s mother by the Toronto Community Housing, threatening to evict her if her son continues to film music videos on TCH property. They included a list of six offending videos along with their respective YouTube links.

Speaking of music videos, WorldStarHipHop premiered the King Bee-directed video for “Sixteen” back on Halloween. To date, the video has been viewed more than 230K times.

You can find 1 Way Out on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

1 Way Out: Lil Berete releases sophomore mixtape

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