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STN artist Lil Berete stands out with his new Icebreaker EP
Lil Berete

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Toronto’s Lil Berete stands out with his new Icebreaker EP

Icebreaker walks you through Lil Berete’s struggles before he started bubbling up as a ‘one-to-watch’ artist and his experiences growing up (and coming up) in Toronto’s Regent Park.

STN’s Lil Berete continues to help shape Toronto’s unique sound with the release of his new project, Icebreaker. The catchy hook-filled EP quickly grabs your attention with the intro “Live.” The song features a subtle drum pattern that perfectly complements Berete’s infectious vocals and begins to paint a vivid picture about his hardships while coming up in Regent Park.

Proof of this is heard in his lyrics when Berete says “robbing for some pockets, everyday was a lick, age 15 when I made my first flip, age 16 when I bought my own kicks, age 17 sh*t got realer than a bi**h.”

Berete then follows up with The track “Migraines,” which quickly jumps out at you with it’s unorthodox flow (think Kodak Black), the track has an infectious melody, layered with Barete’s vocals, showcasing his ability to not allow the instrumental to dictate the direction of the song.

Although the project’s sound does stand out from the type of rap music that normally emerges from Toronto, the opening tracks of Icebreaker obscure some of the weaknesses on Berete’s debut EP. In particular, track selection could have been a bit stronger since the remainder of the project contains tracks significantly less catchy than the rest.

Berete celebrated the launch of Icebreaker in Toronto by touring the city in a branded ice-cream truck serving up soft-serve cones. This marketing campaign provides a nice metaphor for what the budding star served musically to fans through his release.

Overall, the project is a great start from the young Toronto artist and will undoubtedly continue to push the growth of his fan base.

Icebreaker – featuring guest appearances by Kenny Beats, JoEazy and Acerr – is available on various digital streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

STN artist Lil Berete stands out with his new Icebreaker EP

You can follow @STN_LilBerete on Instagram.

Written by Remi Louis Harris for HipHopCanada
With support from Maricel Joy Dicion

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