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LA rapper Lil One Hunnet shot leaving Nipsey Hussle vigil


LA rapper Lil One Hunnet shot leaving Nipsey Hussle vigil

Lil One Hunnet in the "Ridin In My Benzo" video

LA rapper Lil One Hunnet shot leaving Nipsey Hussle vigil

Not long after finding out that the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and West Slauson Avenue would be officially renamed to Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom Square, we heard some more disheartening news from the Los Angeles rap scene.

Budding Watts rapper Lil One Hunnet, who we featured on The Weekly Eight several months ago, was apparently shot and hospitalized after leaving a vigil for Nipsey Hussle. By all accounts, he appears to be on the mend.

Here’s some info we received courtesy of ALXNDR Muzik:

“On April 7th, just seven days following the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle, Los Angeles – Watts rapper Lil One Hunnet was shot in the projects he grew up in.

This is a major blow in the midst of gang factions calling for peace between the city’s gang population. Lil One Hunnet is from the Watts projects known as the Jordan Downs (famously known as the projects shown in Menace 2 Society) which houses the Grape Street Crips gang. They have been at odds with their rival neighbors The Nickerson Gardens Bounty Hunter Bloods for quite some time. This is ironic because in the early 1990’s, following the Rodney King verdict, the Grape Street’s and Bounty Hunter’s were two of the first to commit to the gang truce. But as a new generation came to be, the truce came to an end.

Last year, Lil One Hunnet released the popular singles ‘Grape Walk’ (a remake of Rich the Kid’s ‘Plug Walk’), ‘We Bangin Grape’ featuring BlocBoy JB and 03 Greedo, and ‘Ridin in My Benzo‘ in 2018 and has been preparing to release new music in 2019 before being shot.”

According to talks within Lil One Hunnet’s camp, upon his release from the hospital he’s planning on getting right back into the studio.

And he’s already addressed the shooting:

He doesn’t seem to think coincidence that everyone in the city is calling for peace, yet he was shot exactly seven days after Nipsey-Sunday, and at same time:

“I feel Nipsey and what he wanted for his hood and city. I want the same for Watts and the city of Los Angeles. Anyone who was around in the 90’s during the Peace Treaty knows that the police were dressing up like gangbangers and doing drive-by’s. And if they weren’t, they were authorizing confidential informants to do the killings. The murders of rappers, especially those who can make a difference, is not coincidental. So it’s hard to say where it’s coming from and why. Sometimes we blame each other for an incident, when it might be something else behind it. Something is happening and we have to be wise to what is being done to us. If everyone is for peace and rallying, then why am I still getting shot in Watts just 7 days later.”

LA rapper Lil One Hunnet shot leaving Nipsey Hussle vigil
Lil One Hunnet & BlocBoy JB

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