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LA rapper Lil Xan throws more shade at Killy

LA rapper Lil Xan throws more shade at Killy

Toronto recording artist Killy has seen steady growth in his buzz since his massive “Killamonjaro” single dropped about a year ago (Feb. 8 to be exact).

Lately, he’s dealing with issues like having to find larger venues to accommodate the growing demand to see his live show. “I Want The Stadium,” he tweeted recently. Good problems for an artist to have.

Killy also seems to have an an ongoing feud with LA rapper Lil Xan, which looks to have been reignited yesterday morning after a fan’s tweet from January caught Xan’s attention.

A tweet reading, “Killy better than Lil Xan no cap, stop playing,” inspired Xan to push back with, “Talk to me when Killy gotta platinum record lol”

And then a few minutes later…

“Yo Killy I keep hearing my song on thb radio that shit crazy ! I hope one day you get to experience that feeling”

No Romance / No Love

Killy and Lil Xan were exchanging words via social media and radio late January, which was spurred by Killy’s claim that Xan was a “waste yute” for copying the outro credits from his “No Romance” (featuring 16yrold) video. That one dropped in September.

The outro card on Lil Xan’s “No Love,” which came out on Christmas Day, has a similar look to it – and there’s the noticeable similarity in the song titles.

The design on both outros actually look like standard movie poster credits, but there is a clear similarity between the two specific designs, especially when you factor in the words being used.

LA rapper Lil Xan throws more shade at Killy

LA rapper Lil Xan throws more shade at Killy

After “No Love” dropped, Killy had some choice words for Xan on his Instagram feed, and Xan addressed the claim during a late January interview with No Jumper.

“Fuck, what’s that rapper’s name? Killy. Killy you a bitch. Calling me like a waste yute. I don’t even speak that language bro. We directed a video called ‘No Love’ and the ending sequence looks just like his ‘No Romance,’ so he had to go on to Insta and project negative energy; calling me a waste of space. You didn’t create that title, bro. That’s been around for movies forever. Like, you’re not that popping bro.”

You can hear the exchange 45 minutes in.

The good people at 6ix Wars have been covering the feud and documented Killy’s Instagram Live reaction.

In it, Killy states firmly that he’s not interested in wasting his time on petty beef or politics and he’s focused on making “good music.” He insists he’s about to drop the best tape ‘you’ve ever heard, ever,’ and he’s annoyed at the suggestion that the situation is a publicity stunt.

That being said, Killy also makes it clear he feels disrespected, and he tells Xan that he’s banned from Toronto. Considering Xan has a show on Feb. 25, it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

Killy’s IG reply starts around the 3 minute mark.

Killy / Lil Xan Live

Lil Xan is scheduled to perform in Toronto on Feb. 25 inside The Mod Club (722 College Street).

Killy also had The Mod Club on his schedule, but the venue has switched to The Phoenix to accommodate the heavy demand for tickets. He has a total of 7 Canadian shows scheduled for March including:

March 08 – TORONTO, ON – The Phoenix
March 09 – MONTREAL, QC – Le Belmont
March 10 – OTTAWA,ON – Bourbon Room
March 21 – VANCOUVER, BC – Venue
March 22 – VICTORIA, BC – Vertigo @ UVIC
March 23 – CALGARY, AB – The Palace Theatre
March 24 – EDMONTON, AB – Union Hall

LA rapper Lil Xan throws more shade at Killy

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