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Premiere: Yukon duo LOCAL BOY release the Eyes video
LOCAL BOY in the "Eyes" video


Premiere: Yukon duo LOCAL BOY release the “Eyes” video

Coming straight outta Whitehorse, Yukon, producer-MC duo Jeremy Parkin and Kelvin have joined forces as LOCAL BOY.

“[LOCAL BOY] began working together in 2014 for Borealis Soul: a collective that integrates dance, music, and visual effects into live performance. With musical flavours that are based in hip-hop, they are keen explorers of the genre, embracing lyricism, boom-bap, trap, down tempo, and house, within their musical styles.”



The group, who are part of the Holy Sock Gang and have already released three singles, officially drop new visuals today for “Eyes.”

“‘EYES’ is their first music video; as a one-shot, we witness the two enter the setting of a workplace, seemingly familiar, and mundane. But as they reach their office, they dive into the mirage that they’ve created, playing out the song over a drink in a fabricated paradise. In the end, they’re summoned back to work by a call on the intercom. The spectacle reminds us that the business taking place within many industries isn’t always glamorous, but the friends you make have the ability to help you change your outlook and make the best of it.”

You might just be getting familiar with the name LOCAL BOY (not to be confused with the band from Boston), but Jeremy and Kelvin have already put in a ton of work for their solo careers, and have deep roots in the Vancouver scene. As one unit with combined resources, LOCAL BOY is poised to succeed.



“Kelvin has released multiple projects and toured nationally for consecutive years with Vancouver based hip-hop group, KIDS (now part of Holy Sock Gang); Jeremy released his debut full- length album, Black Dog, in 2017, and has since released multiple singles, as well as created soundscapes for films, and theatre productions with Kelvin.”

“Eyes” is part of the Beneath the Broadcast series shot throughout the sprawling layout of the CBC North basement and presented by Yukon-based organizations Something Shows, Big Boat Records, and local filmmaker Brendan Preston. It features musical acts Jona Barr, The Sputnik Experiment, Paris Pick, Cryptozoologists, Calla Kinglit, LOCAL BOY, The Sweeties, Groan Boy, and Soda Pony, Beneath the Broadcast represents a variety of experiences, perspectives, and reflections on life through art in the Yukon capital.

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