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LocoCity releases 8-track debut Save Yourself
LocoCity in the "CELO" video

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Toronto’s LocoCity of BLKZ releases 8-track debut Save Yourself

Save Yourself is the highly anticipated 8-track debut from budding Toronto rapper LocoCity of indie label UTF.

“LocoCity is just a young kid trying to make a difference, showing people what Bleecker St. is really about.”

After making his debut last May with the Jeffrey Nye-directed video for “CP24,” LocoCity has quickly become one of the most watched next generation artists coming out of Toronto. LC has released six videos in total including “CELO” just a few days before Save Yourself dropped.

The Sonny Visual-powered “Job Done” was also released in support of the project back in January and has racked up more than 1.3. million views to date.

“CELO” has already been viewed over 200K times.

Along with his own singles, LocoCity made waves with his appearance on Casper TNG’s 2019 latest project on “Often.” He was just one of two artists featured on the EP along with RK. It’s unclear if “Often” will receive visual support.

Save Yourself is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms via UTF.

LocoCity releases 8-track debut Save Yourself

LocoCity releases 8-track debut Save Yourself

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