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Maestro Fresh Wes (Photo: Ajani Charles)
Maestro Fresh Wes (Photo: Ajani Charles)


Maestro Fresh Wes releases “Slick Rick Status” on the NYC rap legend’s birthday

To celebrate the birthday of the legendary NYC MC Slick Rick, the Godfather of Canadian Hip hop, Maestro Fresh Wes delivers a tribute.

“Slick Rick Status,” produced by LordQuest, is a celebration to Rick The Ruler. Maestro dropped the new release along with the reason he chose to pay homage to the “Children’s Story” rapper specifically:

“Of all the greats from the 80’s 90’s, Slick Rick is the only one that I never met nor seen perform,” Maestro explained.

“I’ve met LL Cool J, KRS One, did shows with Kane, Run DMC, Public Enemy, did a track with Kool G Rap, did a show with Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, met Nas, seen Jay-Z perform, Ice Cube, Pac and Big, even met Doug E. Fresh, but never Slick Rick. Just showing respect, but I wanted to do it on a trap riddem and be more melodic. Nuff respect to one of the all time greats… Happy Birthday OG.”

You can find “Slick Rick Status” on Spotify and other digital outlets.

Slick Rick, who rose stardom with Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew in the mid-1980s, turns 56 today.

You can follow @MaestroFreshWes on Instagram.

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