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Don’t miss “Midnight” by Vancouver’s rising duo Manila Grey

Don’t miss Midnight by Vancouver’s rising duo Manila Grey

2017 was a great year for a lot of artists on the West Coast, and Manila Grey put themselves on the Canadian map better than anyone. After releasing their debut EP, No Saints Under Palm Shade, the Vancouver-based duo is back with their most recent azel north-produced addition, “Midnight.”

Featuring a hypnotic lead with a driving baseline the song delivers an engaging bounce and their distinct smooth croons and enticing hook. Neeko references nightlife and the luxury car lifestyle when he raps, “Money bags in the X5, Redline VTEC in the SI.” Tracks like these are the reason that the duo and producer are all receiving looks, and placements on streaming playlists next to industry heavyweights. Don’t miss out on one of Vancouver’s most promising talents, and their new single “Midnight” – which you can stream below.

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