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MANILA GREY touch on tropics & city life with debut EP No Saints Under Palm Shade

No Saints Under Palm Shade: Manila Grey bring hints of the tropics & city life to their debut EP

After successfully imprinting themselves as a rising force on the West Coast with a slew of successful singles, MANILA GREY released their debut EP yesterday titled, No Saints Under Palm Shade. In only a few months following the drop of “Eastbound,” the lead single off the project, the Vancouver-based group has quickly grabbed the attention of audiences across Canada.

The duo wield a distinct sound which has been characterized as pop-infused hip hop – mixing bars and melodic singing with in-house production from Vancouver producer azel north. The EP, which is now available on all streaming services, is a polished project that successfully shows their versatility and elevated sound. What is sure to catch your attention upon first listen is the professionalism and musical intuition that they bring to every aspect of the delivery – from songwriting to production.

The duo, comprised of childhood friends Soliven and Neeko, weave their features together effortlessly throughout the 6-track project. Reactions so far have assured that “Timezones” and “Darkside” are quickly becoming fan favourites. The lead tracks also serve as fast-paced and hard-hitting introductions.

“Eastbound” takes us from 80bpm to a more dance-oriented 108 bpm, and engages listeners with a seamless transition to the second half of the project. “Disco Eyes” features a retro and nostalgic echo that is the perfect mix of easy-listening and club-worthy momentum. After taking in the entire project, we’re sure that you’ll want to stay focused on the duo and the entire 1z Collective.


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