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Mario Grinds sends shots at 2 Ottawa MCs in “Do This Shit For Real”

Mario Grinds sends shots at 2 Ottawa MCs in Do This Shit For Real

Ottawa’s rap scene has been heating up with various MCs putting out new material. Today we bring you a new video called “Do This Shit For Real” by local East side gangster rapper who goes by the name of Mario Grinds. You might remember Grinds from past tracks with Toronto’s Jay Cres. Now representing Cap City’s East to the West-side hoods, Grinds breaks off with his own movement called Signed To The Stove.

In the video, Grinds, surrounded by fellow STS members, lashes out at two Ottawa MCs that he claims need to be aired out. The first goes by the name of Crizzy Crack and the other is Noah Maze. As Grinds puts it, “the hole STS (Signed To The Stove) gang is wilding, airing those p***hole’s out and letting the streets know STS is the hottest movement out in the city, hands down, and we only going up.” The track is off his upcoming mixtape titled Darts Watching Volume 1 which will be dropping soon.

To be honest, its been quiet a while since anyone in the Ottawa scene started controversy with not only one, but two rappers at the same time. Time for a change in Ottawa? You be the judge. Check out the video below.

Mario Grinds sends shots at 2 Ottawa MCs in Do This Shit For Real

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Thrilla is a member of the HipHopCanada team and a rep for the website in the Ottawa region. Thrilla is also an event promoter, the founder of CapCityHipHop, and the co-host of the Nu BRL Radio show.

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